Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Break Traveling

Tomorrow is the day!!! I’m headed off for spring break which means another month (!) of traveling! This break is going to be a LOT different from last break, mainly because 1. I’m flying most places, and 2. I’m meeting up with a lot of different people! I’ll be meeting up with family friends/relatives in Sweden, my friend Adam from Polish class in Poland, 3 of my flatmates in Prague to celebrate Sarah’s birthday, and then with my good friend Tia from high school in Sevilla!

This is a pretty short post because it’s already 10:00pm and I’m trying to get all my shit together since my bus leaves Notts at 11:30 tomorrow morning! Here’s where I’ll be in the next month:

April 11-16: Göteborg Sweden
April 16: Linköping Sweden
April 17-21: Stockholm Sweden
April 21-22: Warsaw Poland
April 22-25: Wroclaw Poland
April 25-28: Krakow Poland
April 29-May 1: Prague Czech Republic
May 1-May 4: Paris France
May 5-7: Barcelona Spain
May 8-12: Sevilla Spain

And then I’ll get back to Notts at 4:00am on May 13! I have my Polish oral exam on May 14, and then I’m headed out for a 5-day trip to Croatia on May 18. It’s so much traveling! I’m so happy and so excited and I can’t wait! I have been so lucky this year to be able to have these amazing new experiences and opportunities to broaden my horizons! I have so much of the world to see, this year is really just the beginning of it all and the tip of the iceberg. I’ll try to post updates from my trip in a timely manner once I’m back, I won’t have stable internet access so email and Facebook will be the best way to reach me.

Here’s to an amazing month and new adventures!

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