Sunday, 30 March 2014


Well this past week hasn’t been all that interesting, just classes and homework, the usual. Last weekend we were in Stratford-upon-Avon for about 24 hours, which was fun! I’ve been there before, so it wasn’t super exciting. We got there on March 21st in time for dinner at our B&B before heading to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see Henry IV Part 1! The play was AMAZING. The set was fantastic, the actors were awesome, everything was just so high quality. Walking out of the theatre, I thought to myself, “now that’s how theatre is done.” The actor who played Hotspur was probably my favorite, he just played the character so well and was so passionate. All the actors were so passionate! It was a great show. Some of our group went to a pub after, and saw a couple of the actors there! I was too tired from my Polish party the other night to go out, but I’m sure it was awesome.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day walking around and visiting Shakespeare’s Houses. The exhibition leading to Shakespeare’s Birthplace was pretty cool, and in the courtyard outside the birthplace there was a woman who could perform Shakespeare scenes/sonnets on demand! That was awesome, it’s real talent to be able to do that. Next we saw Shakespeare and his family’s grave in Holy Trinity Church, then saw Hall Croft and Nash’s House/New Place. None of them were super fantastic on their own, but it was nice to visit them and say I’d been there. Kailey, Kula and I had a nice lunch in a café and spent the rest of our time wandering around Stratford.

Shakespeare's Birthplace
Shakespeare's grave in Holy Trinity Church
 Again, this week hasn’t been super interesting. Next week is the last week of official classes for my history class, so things are winding down for break. I’ve spent a ton of time (and money) planning my spring break, since I’ll be traveling for another month. It’ll be a great trip/month/break I know, but right now it just seems like so much work! So much to finalize and so much to plan! We’re finishing up with our Luther-related class (Bob’s Class) and presenting our final projects on Tuesday. It’ll be nice to get that stuff done before break.

On Tuesday we went to our first football game and watched Nottingham Forest get shit on by Charlton. We lost 1-0, and it was a rough game. Forest had fired their manager the day before, so it was going to be a bit brutal. I cheered on my new official #1 Football Crush, Jamie Paterson, but Forest lost anyway. Wednesday I was in London for the day, dropping off stuff for my Russian travel visa. It only took me 20 minutes though, so I spent a good 2 ½ hours at the Tower of London, just hanging out.
At the Nottingham Forest game!
Yesterday (March 29th) I was in Manchester for the day. I met up with my friend Ashley from Polish class, who lives near Manchester, who took me around for the day. My first stop and the number one reason to go to Manchester: Taco Bell.

The best day of my life
 My Taco Bell radar has never served me wrong, and I sensed where it was in the Arndale Center before Ashley could point me in the right direction. It was an amazing moment. It has been 6 months (our longest separation!), so I was looking forward to it more than ever. It did not disappoint. I got a bean burrito (classic!) and since they didn’t have cinnamon twists (only some weirdass Mexican fries) or soft tacos (wtf?!) I got a cheesy fiesta pocket. It was basically a quesadilla with the gross nacho cheese folded in half. My bean burrito, however, was exquisite. 

My first bean burrito in 6+ months!
 After I enjoyed my greatest meal since September 9th, Ashley and I went to the John Rylands Library, which was so gorgeous! It’s this huge library (I think it’s used by the University of Manchester? Maybe?) with so many old books, it was so quiet and wonderful and I loved it. What a beautiful place. 

Historic Reading Room in John Rylands Library

Then we wandered around, hit up the Manchester Museum (pretty cool but a bit too kid-oriented for me) and the Museum of Science and Industry (not that cool and too kid-oriented for me), before getting back to Manchester Piccadilly Station where I headed back to Notts. There are tons of museums in Manchester (and most of the are free!) but honestly, I really didn’t want to cram stuff into my day. I needed to spend as much time as possible savoring my Taco Bell.

This week will definitely be different from last week! My best friend Evan/Ivan/Vanya will be arriving tomorrow and I am so SO excited to see him!!! We’ll be hanging out around Notts (and I have class) the first few days, then going to London for two days (he’ll get my tour, and then I’ll go on an adventure to Hever Castle for one of the days), before a few more days in Notts. I have so many bars/clubs/pubs to take him to here, and so many places to explore together! And then after that, one last week of Polish class and then spring break! This year has gone so crazy fast, I can’t believe it’s close to being over!

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