Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Winter Break Traveling

 Well, I'm finally getting ready to go off on winter break. I'm leaving Friday early evening for the first leg of my adventures! Break is from Dec 13-Jan 12, so I'll be gone the entire month. I'm really excited, but really nervous. Four weeks means this will be my longest trip to date! I have a lot of logistics to take care of: packing, lists, train tickets, getting all my info, etc. Luckily I just did all my laundry today, so I'll at least have clean clothes for the first few days! Traveling for so long can be a bit intimidating, but at the same time, this has been my dream for forever.

In case anyone wanted to know details of my break plans:
-Dec 13-18: I'll be in Wales (first Cardiff, then Abergavenney, and a night in Holyhead) with my good friend Peter.
-Dec 18: I get to see my family, including MY SISTER!!!!!!!! This is the longest we've gone without seeing each other, and I'm so excited that I get to see them this break! Also, I'm going to get to spend Christmas with them, which means so much to me.
-Dec 18-Jan 1: My family and I (including MY SISTER!) will be in Dublin, before heading to England. Stopping in Liverpool, Notts, and then the last six days in London.
-Starting on Jan 1 I'll be heading off on my own going to a lot of places in southern England! When I first started planning it, I sort of felt bad—so many of my flatmates are jumping all over Europe, and I decided to stay in England. But then at the same time, I am madly in love with England. I love it more than anyone else I know, and so I'm going to be doing what I do best, exploring new places in the country that I love. So I'll be in a couple main cities and then making some day trips.
-Jan 1-2: Penzance
-Jan 3-5: Exeter
-Jan 6-7: Portsmouth (with Winchester)
-Jan 8-12: Canterbury (with Rochester and Dover)
-Jan 12: Back home to Notts!

I should maybe add that exams are after winter break here (which is literally the fucking stupidest thing I have ever heard of), so I have a month of no class and then have to take my finals. Also, my Russian Culture final is conveniently on the first day of finals, Jan 13, also known as the day after I get back from a month of traveling. I’ll have 23 hours in Notts to study before I need to be taking my exam. At this point though, I just don’t give a fuck. At least I’ll have a fair amount of time to study for my Polish exam, which is on Jan 21!

Anyway, I won’t be bringing my computer with me on my trip so I won’t be blogging or putting up pictures or anything, since I won’t really have access to a computer. Once I’m back from my trip I’ll probably try to put up a couple posts about all my adventures! I’ve got so much to do before Friday so I had better get started! Here’s to a new month of traveling and exploring and adventures and living out my dream! Cheers :)

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