Wednesday, 2 October 2013

First Day of Classes!

First day of school! First day of school! First day of school! Nerd alert!!! That is how excited I am about finally being registered and going to classes and getting to be a student. Also because now I can finally get a set schedule and routine. And also because now I can finally start using my planner. When it comes down to it, I just really love learning and being a student is something that I thoroughly enjoy, although it most definitely has its ups and downs. I’m only taking two classes at the uni (as everyone calls the university) this semester, Polish and Building Sovietness. The rest of my credits for the year I’ll get through the house courses with Bob and the other Luther Notts. I have a lecture and a seminar for each class, and they’re all spread out so I’m on campus Tuesday-Friday.

My first Polish class was awesome!!! I got my ass kicked and it was great. There are only 8 of us in the class, so it’s a really good size and basically the same as my Russian class last year. My professor seems really nice and fun, and she also teaches Russian! So we’ve been able to chat in Russian a bit too. It was a little scary just because Polish is crazy and difficult and I can tell that it’s going to be a lot of work. Just learning the alphabet was insane. Polish spelling is crazy. They have different letters for the same sound, and then they have clusters of letters that make different sounds and it has 7 cases…it’ll be a lot of work. My Russian professor at Luther, who learned Polish in grad school, told me that Polish is “exponentially harder than Russian.” Because learning Russian was SO easy…hopefully since I already understand cases and grammar Polish won’t kill me. Either way, I am SUPER excited about it! I really love learning languages and it’s something that seems to come very naturally to me. Polish will be a challenge, but I definitely up for it! I’ve already started making my flashcards.

Today was my first Building Sovietness class. It was also great! There are about 25 people in this class, so still a Luther-sized class, which is really nice. My professor seems great, she’s fairly young and I think already I want to be her. Basically the class is all about Russian culture from the Revolution to the time of Stalin’s death. I already know a lot about that time period (since I’ve taken essentially two classes on it at Luther) so the information is pretty familiar. But I’m really excited about our readings (Yuri Olesha’s Envy, and Alexandra Kollontai’s Vasilisa Malygina) and the rest of the stuff we’ll be doing in class. Our professor said that we’ll probably be watching some films, so I’m super excited for that!

Overall classes this week have just been awesome so far. I am so lucky that I get to take classes that I’m so interested in and (hopefully) will enjoy so much! Here’s to getting all my gen ed requirements done in my first two years at Luther (and working hard in high school) so I can do whatever I want these last two years. I really just feel so fortunate that I got into these classes and that credit-wise I can take classes that I actually want to take! This semester is going to be a busy one, I can tell already, but I’ll be learning things I care about so I know it’ll be a great time.

Not much is new since it’s the first week of classes. Everyone at the flat is getting settled into their routines. On Monday night I went to the first meeting/social for the Women’s Network, which is (I think) the feminist group on campus, and it was awesome! I’m missing my LC Fems hardcore (especially since they are doing so many amazing things and getting so much shit done in my absence!) and so hopefully this can be an acceptable substitute for that. After the representatives finished their powerpoint, most of us headed down to Mooch, the bar on campus in the union. I chatted with a couple other people and it was a ton of fun! They’re offering a self-defense class during the next four Saturdays on campus (and the first session is free!) so I’m definitely planning on going to that. The Russian Speaking Society is having its first icebreaker/social on Friday night, so I’m planning on going to that too. I’m a little nervous because I think it’s mainly native speakers and I don’t know how well I’d be able to handle that. But I think it would be great practice, especially since I’ve been feeling like I’m forgetting all my Russian!

This week has been a busy one and it’s only half-way over! I’m really excited to finally be getting settled into a routine. I think from here on out, my main issue will be time management and making sure I give myself to do my homework and get stuff done. I’m excited though! It finally feels more real that I’m actually living in England. Here’s to a busy but great semester!

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