Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Love Letter to the Luther College Registrar

Dear Luther College Registrar,
Thank you for being so wonderful and simple and easy. Thank you for doing registration online. Thank you for just making me click a button at a certain time on a certain day. Thank you for clearly communicating to me when my registration time is. Thank you for having set days for registration and not having a million and making me run around campus like a chicken with its head cut off. Thank you for not making me run across campus over three separate days collecting signatures from who the fuck knows in different departments. Thank you for not making me physically wait in line for hours and hours. I love you. I am so excited to register with you in Spring of 2014. Our reunion will be amazing. I am sorry I took advantage of you for so long—never again. I am yours forever.

With all my love,

The last three days of registration here have been complete chaos. I have never been so stressed/crabby/anxious about school basically ever. The system for registering for classes at the University of Nottingham is totally different from our system at Luther. None of it is online, and instead you have to run around campus getting your entry form signed by all the different departments you want to take classes in. Not even the Brits know what’s going on. It’s insane and I hate it. All you do is wait in line. And then sometimes you’re in the wrong line, sometimes you have to talk to random people to get into secret add/drop sessions that they don’t tell International Students about, and sometimes you get in line at 7:45am for registration at 9:00am only to find out at registration is at 10:00am and so you didn’t need to get up at fucking 6:30am to be first in the queue. (But if this magically happens to you as well, the building custodians are very nice so chat with them for a bit to make the wait a little less boring.)

I am not amused.

But I am proud to say that I was the FIRST PERSON in the queue not once but twice to register for my classes. And since I am a nerd/go-getter, I am very happy to say that I was able to get into all the classes I wanted. Here’s to waking up at an ungodly time and queuing for hours and being crabby and pissed—and getting what you want! Since I’m only at the Uni part-time (the rest of my credits are with the Luther group and Bob) I’ll be taking two classes each semester. This fall, I’ll be taking Polish, and Building Sovietness: Russian Culture under Lenin and Stalin. I’m taking Polish just for shits and gigs, because I have time and want to have fun. I like languages and I don’t know if it’s a language I’d ever be able to teach myself. The Building Sovietness class should count for my Russian Studies minor, so I’ll have that completely finished after this semester! In the spring, I’ll be continuing with Polish, and then taking a history class called A Protestant Nation, focusing on England from 1558-1640. This is basically the closest I’ll ever come to taking my dream history class. I was the first person in line at a secret add/drop session and took the last available spot in the class. Miracles do happen. I’m one lucky girl.

Overall, I am just completely exhausted. This week has been so stressful. I am so, so, SO relieved to have the classes I want, especially getting into my dream class. Most of the classes are structured with a 2-hour lecture and a 1-hour seminar, so I think I’ll only have each class two days a week. I conveniently have Mondays off, so that will give me a nice long 3-day weekend this semester! I’ve been pretty anxious to get settled into a routine and finally get my schedule, so I’m a lot less crabby and stressed now that I’m actually registered. I can't wait to finally have a schedule in my planner! Time to celebrate by taking a nap. I had to say it was a good day!

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